Picture Gallery


 On Ball Hill near Okehampton - Nov 2013




 Descending from Houns Tout on Dorset's Jurassic coast ... and heading for the pub!


A Forest Park post-walk dinner





                   Friendship group Nov'09 '                           

 ( I'd just asked, "Who wants to go to the pub?" )

(Above)  A group made up largely of ski-ers about to go off-piste on a 10-mile Forest walk in sunny (?) May 2012


(Right) Autumn 2014 ... Richard leads on a fungi hunt

New Forest ponies at Longwater Lawn with the infant Beaulieu River in the foreground ... a favourite spot!. 

 A very old and very  large Beech which we walk by at Matley


New Forest pony - "Architect of the Forest".                        

(Left - below)
 Through the woods behind Hincheslea

(Below) New Forest pony counting to 100 while mates hide. 



(Left lower) - Alice and Emily at a stream near Wootton 

 Old Harry Rocks (above), one of Malcolm Lacey's superb photos from a Dorset walk

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