Walking under the big skies of Norfolk (thanks to Pat of Spelthorne Ramblers for the photo). I'm the chunky canary in front! 
        We (Phil Howe and Me) were here leading some walks along the north Norfolk coast. Beautiful area - and nice and flat too. We saw a good mixture of wildlife, especially wading birds such as avocets and oyster catchers. One of the best sightings was a barn owl in broad daylight - think he (or she) was a bit of a poser, doing a display flight before alighting on a post for the inevitable photo-fest. Lovely to see! We had a great few days in the company of some very nice, lively people. Note- if you live in the Staines area, join the Spelthorne Ramblers, they could do with a few more members (email me for contact details).
    On the way home Phil and I diverted to have a look at the Norfolk Broads and were thrilled to see an osprey complete with fish in its talons! We really enjoyed Norfolk and hope to lead more walks there but we were left with one puzzle .... there has been a lot of publicity about the drought on the East Coast yet whenever Phil and I have been there it has peed down on us. So we think we must have some sort of drought-busting powers!

For me now it is a busman's holiday as I will be heading off to Cumbria to do some fell-walking with my good friend Alan. It always comes as a bit of a shock to the legs going from the flat terrain of the New Forest (and now Norfolk) to the relentless gradients of the Lake District. Fortunately there is an excellent pick-me-up/anaesthetic in the form of the local real ale, one of the best being Sneck Lifter (there may be a prize for the first person to correctly identify what a sneck is..... extremely rude answers expected and actively encouraged!!).

Finally ... I have now managed to set up a Facebook page devoted to Fuzzacker activities, photos etc. I'm still struggling to set up clever links with this website but you can take a look (and hopefully "like") the page at Fuzzacker Guided Walks. Give it a go-the more the merrier ...!