Yes, time flies when you are enjoying yourself! And I feel suitably embarrassed about the gap since the last "ramblings" (though I'm not at all sure anyone reads them ... would love to hear from anyone who does .. maybe I should put something contentious, naughty or non-pc down to see if there's any reaction... how about we should try to run over as many baby hedgehogs in August as possible ...?)
But I digress ....
Breaking news ... I have just managed to set up a tripadvisor account for Fuzzacker so everyone can now send in a review of our performance and other people, hopefully potential customers, can read said reviews and get more idea about us, what we do, and how well we do it. It's very easy to review us on tripadviser: easiest of all is to find the tripadvisor symbol on one of these pages e.g. the Home page or Information On Walks or Reviews and click on it (I think it looks like a green owl). That will take you straight to where you log your review. Alternatively you can Google tripadvisor and enter Fuzzacker to get to the same place.
We need to get some good reviews set up. A number of people in marketing and media roles have said that what we do is very good but what we're not very good at is blowing our own trumpets! So I'm hoping some of you will blow some trumpets for us!
All we really want is for more people to know about us and come on our walks and hotel breaks.

There are more and more opportunities for various walking breaks coming up mainly because more hotels are wanting to be associated with Fuzzacker and are offering good value deals.

A new hotel for us is the Potters Heron at Ampfield, which is just outside Romsey on the Winchester road. The recently-appointed manager there is none other than our old friend Frank Postel, famed amongst our regular guests for his superb levels of service and attention to detail. And a really nice guy as well! (Hope he doesn't read this in case he gets swollen-headed!). It's an interesting and attractive venue given that not only is the New Forest within easy reach but we can also explore the Test Valley and potentially the first stages of the South Downs Way from there. And the hotel itself is very swish, (just as it should be for the likes of us Fuzzackers). Despite everything the weekend breaks are still offered at under £200pp and include all the usual trimmings - see Information On Walks for details.

Oh, and something else .... in talking to Frank the idea of a musical evening came up with the notion of yours truly and a couple of others regaling you (should that be bombarding you) with a combination of ukuleles. guitar and stand-up bass. If you'd prefer an evening without the music of course the price will be higher .... ho ho!

I've also just agreed another Dorset Jurassic Coast Spring Walk weekend based at the Wessex Hotel in Bournemouth. Dates to be finalised but either at the end of March or beginning of April and I'm really pleased to say that the price remains the same as the last 2 years at £180. I'll be sorting out a new route over the next few months and I hope we get a good response on this break as it is a superb area for walking.

You'll see that we've got Autumn and Spring breaks arranged at the Beaulieu Hotel, which is part of the New Forest Hotels group. All of their hotels are of a high standard and are situated right in the Forest so we can walk from the front door! Again we've arrived at a competitive price for the breaks plus special offers for other dates in December.

Finally, for the moment anyway, we've got the walking weekends in Oxfordshire in October and next March. Based at the Shillingford Bridge Hotel the walks take in some lovely countryside around the Chilterns and the ancient Ridgeway while all the while there are Red Kites soaring overhead. Great stuff! And on the Saturday evening in October the hotel have their Hallowe'en knees up which we will all no doubt participate in. I'll leave it to Richard to sort our two costumes out, he's good at that sort of thing - got to be scary although we are probably frightening enough already!!

So anyway, that's enough blogging for now. Hope you are enjoying the brilliant weather we are experiencing at the moment, long may it last!!